1960 Plymouth Fury

  • 5AA9B312-C812-46E5-B4AA-AACD93FF356E.jpeg I picked up this one-owner car in NC in 2017 and undertook to restore the driveline but leave the body as is. As a one owner car this vehicle has lots to tell with its patina and ‘whiskey dents’. That was the term the PO used to describe all the dents and dings. I call it ‘parking by feel’.

    The car came complete with a newly upholstered front seat and all the chrome, stainless, and glass intact.

    I had been eyeing a four-door 60 Fury ever since I saw one come to life in The Heat Of The Night. I really feel this is the finest example of the Forward Look era from Virgil Exner.
    6D30B948-C1BC-4853-B717-823C3B1C3B00.jpeg 5E359F96-0455-4FDA-9D66-4DAEA2661493.jpeg
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  1. Eckhard
    WOW.... nice one :)
  2. lotrucker
    Awesome car !!!! I love that body style, when I seen your car & the spare tire look on the trunk made me think of my Dads old car. It was a 1959 Plymouth ,it was his work car back in the day. You have to love all the body styles back then. Sweet Car !!!!
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  3. Aaronsinthegarage
  4. Imperialist67
    I know someone who has a convertible 1960 Fury he calls the "Millenium Fury," just as futuristic inside as outside. Great photos, and I wouldn't change a thing.
  5. 75LandYacht
    She is a Stunner Eddie.. enjoy
    1. Fast Eddie B
      I do. It is a actually a very nice riding and driving car!
      Fast Eddie B, Sep 21, 2019