1964 Chrysler New Yorker Survivor

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    Several months ago I started looking for another old car to tinker with, to avoid boredom in my non-working hours. I had given up on the old car hobby a few years back because of the crazy prices of cars and parts and how old cars have become part of the new 'stock market.' But, I was bored.

    I was surprised and depressed that a decent old car now, even a sedan, could cost well over $ 10,000, and cars under that figure were pretty much rusty worn out hulks.

    I was surfing Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace daily looking at cars within a 200 mile range, and had gone to look at several old post war Plymouths, but they were expensive and needed everything. Then late at night, I happened on this old Chrysler.

    Now, when I was a little kid, I thought 'these cars are kind of ugly ducklings.' But now that I'm older, I like 'weird cars' much more than wading through seas of Mustangs and Camaros. At 8:00 at night I packed my DW and the dog into the Jeep and drove 40 miles to look at this New Yorker as the sun was going down. The gentleman selling it was now a widower, late 70s, and thinning his herd of four antiques and a new truck. I arrived about two hours after the Facebook ad was posted.

    Of course, with the sun going down, you can't see much. But it seemed solid, it started, it ran, it was loud (hole in muffler), the ball joints squeaked, the steering wheel wasn't centered, the headlights pointed at the ground, but I thought - this could be fun! So, we bought it.

    It is a 1964 Chrysler New Yorker Sedan, two tone Royal Ruby Iridescent and Rosewood Iridescent, with a two tone interior that coordinates in Mauve seats and door panels, and a very dark maroon dash pad and carpeting.

    It has had one amateur driver quality repaint, and the interior and drivetrain are original unrestored. The body is remarkably sound. I'll tell you why.

    The original owner of this odd duck was a FUNERAL DIRECTOR! For 24 years, this car was used by a funeral home in Johnstown PA to transport people and flowers to funerals. You know how funeral homes are with their official vehicles - they are kept spotless! Then, in 1988 it went into collector hands, for recreational driving and car shows only. I guess I must be the fourth or fifth owner. The last owner had it for 15 years or so.

    This car has relieved my boredom problem. I am rather a perfectionist, so to date I have:

    Managed to replace all four wheel well moldings with perfect used or NOS.

    Aligned the hood to the fenders.

    Removed and reoriented the steering wheel.

    Replaced aftermarket non-functioning windshield washer with a bag and correct pump, and replaced lines and cleaned the nozzles - now working.

    Fixed the cigarette lighter which was loose in the dash and non-functioning. It was missing 'the clamp' which is a cylinder with threads that holds the lighter to the dash from the back side.

    I have replaced all four tires, which were 30 years old, with 215R75/14 whitewall Hankook tires. Should probably be 225s, but those are unobtanium. 14 inch tires are going out of style quickly!

    I have purchased an entire grille on eBay (not a charcoal grill) to get the red medallion which is missing on most of these cars.

    I have clay barred, polished, and waxed the paint and exterior trim. And cleaned the interior and window glass to remove years of dirt and grime.

    I have replaced the radiator hoses, installed correct type clamps, installed a thermostat, and now the engine runs cool even during the hottest days in Chambersburg (90+).

    I have a leaky pinion seal in the differential which my mechanic will deal with in a few weeks. I don't want to mess that up.

    Eventually, I will replace the entire aftermarket leaky and loud dual exhaust system with a OEM type single exhaust with resonator from Waldrons.

    Well, you're probably bored by now. I'm not. I'm having fun, for an old guy!

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  1. mikedrini
    She's a bute and a boat. I have a 64 black and nowhere near as original as yours (through my own fault of course) and as another member pointed out, you certainly will NOT see these at car shows - which is one of my favorite reasons for owning mine. Considered to be one of Virgil Exner's last contributions to Chrysler prior to leaving - it's a rare piece of history when you are always more apt to see 62 models with their endearing headlights or other C bodies in general (keep in mind C bodies didn't begin until the 65 platform year). Great find and glad you gave it a home!
  2. mrfury68
    Such a beautiful unique NYer in a great color combination. You probably won't see another one at your local car cruise. Have fun!
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  3. Henrius
    Beautiful! Never seen one this color. The seat uphostery fabric is rather unusual!

    This car will be a very comfortable cruiser for you, but it will not be easy on gas.
  4. GO1970BEE
    I like the car. My grandpa had a 63 Newport. Great memories toolin around with my grandma in that car.
    1. Henrius
      Too cool! MY Grandpa had a 1963 300, and I drove around St. Louis with him and my Grandma! Wish I could find another like it. Loved that instrument panel with push button shift.
      Henrius, Sep 11, 2021
  5. 77newyorker440
    Wow, that is an extremely clean car, great find! I just stopped by in Chambersburg recently on the way up to Carlisle PA for the big show. Found a cool place called Ed's Elephant Museum, very old time.
  6. 67 300
    Excellent! Enjoy that baby my friend.
  7. 63 newyorker
    How to get my 1963 New Yorker to look this good. I have just started mine.
    1. Padre4art
      Lots of elbow grease and a little bit each day. Don’t forget to date your wife if you have one!
      Padre4art, Aug 1, 2021
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  8. rapidtrans
    Beautiful car! We had three of those “ugly ducklings” when I was a kid.
    I did the same thing with exhaust for the Monaco. Everybody does duals and loud mufflers. I chose the original single system with the second muffler also. Made the day-trip to pick-up myself just last week.
    This is Waldrons. Right in the center of this little town in farm country Michigan.
    PS. They are busier than heck but worth the wait.
  9. EurekaSevven
    Definitely an alignment - I had the same issue with mine. I thought it was the steering wheel but I discovered it was actually the alignment being slightly out of whack. Your car has power steering so here's a good way to test that:
    Power your car up and make sure your power steering reservoir is full of liquid (obviously). Turn your wheel to the left from center and count how many turns it is (should be around 3). Do the same for the right side from center (should also be 3). If you get more turn from one side compared to the other, alignment is wrong. In my case, my alignment needs to be adjusted to the left, my steering has around 3 turns to the left and 3 3/4 turns to the right. Hence, my car leans right. I know it's alignment too because when I position the steering wheel to complete center the wheels are perfectly straight.
  10. Blish
    I would get your alignment checked before i reposition the steering wheel. nice car, great story. I want me an older c body some day.