1965 Plymouth Fury Sport First Car

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Hey I'm Andrew I'm 16 years old and I just bought this baby from my stepdad for $600 and if anyone would like to help me out or just read more about it I have a go fund me set up to help afford parts, if you would like to help out anything is very much appreciated! Help me build my first car, a 65' Plymouth Fury., organized by Andrew Leon
I also have a YouTube channel where i will be uploading videos of my progress and a final time lapse video when I'm done, check it out here and subscribe if you want to watch the
build! Andrews Fury - YouTube (Bottom picture is my goal)
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Welcome Mr Andrew.. glad to see a young man interested in our hobby.. you’re certainly in the right place to learn what you’ll need to know about your Fury. All he best.
Glad to see you on here Andrew! Good luck with your project! Post questions as they come up...I'm quite sure there's someone on here that can help you out.

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