1965 Polara

  • 6BD77106-B349-4EFB-AB93-393073FAC4E4.jpeg 57DA5599-B78F-4991-BB9D-D8136DC32746.jpeg 0A678E3D-660A-4D39-867E-0FE46781A957.jpeg DB17D940-30F8-46A4-8CE8-12C364298AC0.jpeg 1FB0C40F-598C-42A9-B217-AED35353E829.jpeg 65B16891-6566-4C16-8D3F-537A77858810.jpeg C85DB5C9-AAED-4E2B-B3BE-A69077DD21DB.jpeg
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  1. Rexer
    I love the 65 Polara. I've had mine for 5 1/2 years and I have yet to see another one in person. They are rare. I am thrilled to see the work you put into this beauty. That interior looks perfect. Has it been reupholstered?
    1. jbooth35
      Yes, the interior had been reupholstered at some point. It wasn't done to factory specs, but I didn't realize until someone here pointed it out.
      jbooth35, Sep 14, 2020
  2. Rexer
    That's a beautiful Polara. What is that color? It looks great.
    1. jbooth35
      It’s Bright Red. Paint code PP1
      jbooth35, Sep 6, 2020
  3. Dave Baro
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  4. Imperialist67
    Just look at that nice, clean engine compartment - great to see it back on the road. GOod luck with it!
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