1966 300 16-year-old Son's Project

  • My son and I have almost completed a 300 driver.
    He's 16 and loves road kill. They inspired him to educate himself about everything classic auto. This 300 is our second classic garage restore. We bought this car at an auction from the estate of a former 300 collector. This car was intact but wasn't running and had rust. My son got it running fairly well, and he fabricated and welded in new floor pans. We did the body work and paint.The only remaining issues are front bushings and there is an engine hesitancy. I think the engine issue is timing but if anyone has a suggestion - we would love to hear from you. IMG_0283.jpeg


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  1. Henrius
    Wonderful to hear of a young-un learning to do this sort of tasks. Wonderful that you could pry him away from video games and cell phone to get intereted in something practical!
  2. C-440-300
    Whoa! Where are the rest of the pics? :) Lucky dad - and son! '66 300 was the first car I got to steer, sitting on my dad's lap. It was the same color combo, too. And, I still have his tools/boxes/gauges. Nice job, you two! :thumbsup: One lucky dad... Yup.... and son. ;)
  3. RGORHAM29
    That is fantastic. Some of my greatest memories and stories being 16 are the ones of tinkering on abandoned field beaters with friends and replacing radiators and carbs with my dad. Doing it as dad/son team will be a lifetime of stories. My daughter and I already have some good stories together. i look forward to more pictures and posts.
  4. 77newyorker440
    Beautiful car, my dad and I are doing the same with our 77 New Yorker. Great work!
  5. ImperialGuy
    Check the vacuum advance on the distributor for your hesitation. I will effect low speed and throttle response. If you manually apply vacuum to the tube it should move the arm inside the distributor. Then maybe carb accel pump if your timing is correct.
  6. Rexer
    That's a beautiful car. Can you post more pictures?
  7. Davea Lux
    Check the timing first, next likely culprit is the carb accelerator pump.