1966 300 Two Door Hardtop

  • Pulled from a field in central Mizzeruh. Just like on youtube. battery and fresh fuel, drove it home..... NOT!
    So far replaced the gas tank, fuel lines, 100% of the brakes, new battery, tune up, engine, transmission, carburetor, alternator, starter switch, voltage regulator... but the radio and horn do work.
    Still needs trunk lock replaced, door keys, interior re-upholstered, tires.
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  1. Promiscuitto
    What a beauty! I love the way it looks with its couple of "whiskey dents' in the front.

    The '61 Cad in the background looks attractive too. Yours?
  2. mikedrini
    Nice save. Glad you gave this baby a home.
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  3. 68Furymb
    Nice survivor!
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