1966 300

  • 2ADF99D0-B80B-4FA5-A8C5-87DE7B2DB991.jpeg 81BBF990-E5A8-4F1B-9F33-F9DF71FCA4B1.jpeg 89752A2C-E867-44A2-9A6C-C99FD9EEEA68.jpeg 2E247C77-A354-488A-8347-2B6990CBFC5E.jpeg
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  1. Frank Odenthal
    Wow, very nice !
  2. Moby
    So clean!
  3. Doug Durbano
    Very nice car great driver I really enjoy my 66
  4. Jerry Lynn Foust
    absolutely beautiful car , i know where a 1966 Newport 2 dr hardtop is in a junk yard that is mostly complete with matching engine and trans i believe its rusty but the bumpers, grill , biite work all look good it even has the fender skirts . the engine has the intake gone and is probably seized but the hood is on it . I could probably pick it up very reasonably if you know if anyone is interested. I would love for someone to save her .
    1. Dave Baro
      Thanks Jerry. I don’t know any c-body guys around here. (only you guys!)
      Dave Baro, Jan 19, 2020
  5. C-440-300
    Your car is an inspiration; makes me think I keep mine inside garage longer. ;-) Nice job, Dave. (I have similar American Racing wheels - aluminum. People give me compliments on them. What was the paint code? Did you polish out the door panel inserts? I may pay you a compliment and copy you. )
    1. Dave Baro
      The paint was an uglier metallic green and is still on the a-pillar. Can’t go wrong those rims as they look good on almost anything. I went with the chrome. Haven’t started on the inserts, they are pitted and will likely need plating. The whole back end is at the plating shop now.
      Dave Baro, Jan 19, 2020
  6. my1966chrysler
    now that's a sweet ride
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    1. Dave Baro
      Thanks! I like yours too.
      Dave Baro, Dec 19, 2019
  7. Gorse
    looks nice, very clean. Have you had the seat covers replaced?
    1. Dave Baro
      Yes, the fronts.
      Dave Baro, Dec 16, 2019
    2. Dave Baro
      But those are the old ones in the photo
      Dave Baro, Dec 16, 2019
  8. Space 383
    Beutiful example Dave....ours is the 383 as well and we try to drive it all the time as well!
  9. Monaco510
    What a beauty!!!!! Super sweet!
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  10. mr. fix it