1966 Chrysler 300 2Dr hardtop My American Cousin

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Originally Light Haze Green 383 Column shift car but is now a badly painted '71 440 console car. Had absolutley no brakes and one of the worst setup Thermoquads I have ever seen. Replaced the TQ with a 1806 Thunder Eddy and full tune and replaced all the plugs wires filters and adjusted the timing from non existant to 10deg btdc and wow the 440 came alive. Complete rebuild of the front drums got some stopping power but still not right. Rears are next. Because the car is no longer a numbers matching going to go with a modern buildup but don't worry no Dub wheels and mp3 players here. Thinking disc brake conversion, Magnum 500's Eddy intake dual exhaust and proper paint job. Electrical is a mess and the radio already burnt up but stay tuned. If it was easy everyone would do it!


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