1966 Chrysler 300 - The Flyin' Whale

493 cu. in (stroked/bored 440) race engine, HD 727 w/Gear Vendor overdrive, 4-wheel disc brakes

General Information

1966 Chrysler 300

Originally a 383-4V "TNT" car, it was bought new by its first owner in fall 1965 from Fair Chrysler-Plymouth in Sacramento, CA.

After 34 years with its first owner, it was sold in 1999. The second owner built it into its current mechanical form – nicknamed The Flyin' Whale -- in 2005.

There was a feature article on this car in Mopar Action magazine in June 2006.

The modifications were done at ~120K miles. Vehicle still has virtually all its original paint (Spanish Red metallic), vinyl roof, and interior.

It was sold to a third owner in late 2006, then a fourth owner in 2007 where it sat (undriven, out of public view in storage) for about 10 years. It was purchased at auction and revitalized by its fifth owner in 2017.

Mechanically, it remains substantially as built by its second owner. The second (builder), fifth, and current (since summer 2020) owners are FCBO members.

Vehicle performance summary: Track-measured when built in 2005 (vehicle weight ~4,500 lbs.), its best 1/4 mile time was 12.2 seconds at 114 mph, with a 60 ft. time of 1.94 seconds (using street tires).

Its (estimated by calculation, @6,500 RPM) top speed was: 180+ mph.

Engine performance summary: Dyno-measured at build time 550 HP at 5,800 rpm (at rear wheels), 500 ft. lbs. torque at 4,800 rpm, 11.3:1 compression ratio, using 93-octane pump gas. Redline is 7,500 rpm.


493 cubic inch (440 bored .030 over, stroked) built from a 1974 Imperial engine block

. Block partially filled, flashing removed, crank clearancing, and machined valve reliefs

. Billet steel main caps, ARP studs, polished steel crank (4.15" stroke), .200 over “H-beam” rods

. Forged, polished tops, dish pistons, full floating, tapered wrist pins

. Windage tray, 7 quart, baffled oil pan

. Edelbrock RPM cylinder heads, ported/polished, 2.19" intake valves, polished combustion chambers

. Solid roller cam, 1.6 ratio roller rockers, roller lifters

. Holley 950 cfm carburetor, 150 gph fuel pump, port-matched Edelbrock Victor intake


. HD 727 “TorqueFlight” (1969 MY) with Gear Vendor overdrive (effectively making it a 6-speed automatic)

. Reverse manual valve body

. 11 inch, 3000 stall, heavy duty torque converter

. Dana 60, 3.54 ratio, Power-Lok rear end

. 35-spline forged axles, custom-made 3-1/2" diameter steel driveshaft uses Spicer 1350 U-joints

Suspension & Brakes

Boxed lower control arms, custom 1-1/4" roll bar, custom 1-1/4" torsion bars

. Front disc brakes (1973 Chrysler MY), 11-3/4" rotors, with stock OE calipers and braided steel lines

. Custom leaf springs (9 leaves), front leaf mount moved inboard 7/8" for wider rear tires

. Rear disk brakes (11” rotors from Lincoln, OE calipers from Cadillac), with operable emergency brake

. 3/4" roll bar, adjustable shocks


15x8, 4.0 inch backspacing, “Magnum” wheels in front with 245/60 tires

. 15x10, 5.0 inch backspacing, ”Magnum” wheels in back with 275/60 tires

. 17x9 wheels, w/ "W" rated radial tires for high-speed usage

Miscellaneous modifications

Custom four core, high-tube density radiator

. Gas tank from 1964 Imperial

. Custom-made gauge cluster with tach, oil & fuel pressure, water & trans oil temperature

. Custom-made, functional cowl cold-air induction system

. Converted to manual steering

. Brake pedal ratio modified from 3:1 to 6:1 so no power booster needed

. Hooker Super Competition headers

Flyin' Whale - Lost in 2007and Found in 2017

Flyin' Whale back on the road in 2018 after 10 years MIA

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