1966 Dodge Polara 500

  • Almost completed.


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  1. Henrius
    With beautiful seat upholstery that white, you will HAVE to get slip covers! Headliner is gorgeous, also.

    Nice work on the interior. I assume you had someone do new inside door panels, not exactly like original? Just asking because I need it done in my Newport, and doubt I can get an exact match.
    1. Mopardw500
      No the door panels could not be done like factory, but I think they did a nice job coping it with stitching.
      Mopardw500, Dec 29, 2020
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  2. 67Monaco500
    Sweeeeet. Love those cars.
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  3. Furious_65
    What a great color combo!!! Great looking car.
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  4. SportFury70
    I love the color, great work. 17 year build and you're still keeping at it, keep going you're almost to the finish line. We know how you feel as one of our car projects took 20 years to complete
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  5. Old Mike
    Really nice!
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  6. Fast Eddie B
    Well done! Love the interior.
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