1966 Emerald Green Imperial Crown Convertible

  • Imperial front low-res.jpg Imperial Rear Low-Res.jpg Imperial interior low resolution.jpg


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  1. patrick66
  2. owen413
    Love it!!
  3. JackRabbitJim
  4. Calgary Mike
    What an absolutely gorgeous car
  5. 440tnt
    Wow so cool
  6. Imperialist67
    OhMyStars what a fantastic Imperial - there's something about that green leather... it must have led a well sheltered life in the Hamptons to stay so intact for so long - glad it has such a loving home...…
  7. Henrius
    What a gorgeous background! But the first photo gave the impression the water was pouring in the car!
    Didn't know they had a matching green steering wheel.

    A car like this goes for $50K plus, I imagine?
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    1. Justin Negrini
      Hi Henrius, These are great pics and it does look a little like that...haha. The green steering wheel is an option from factory. The colour of this car is what attracted me to it. Justin
      Justin Negrini, Sep 15, 2020
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  8. Rexer
    That is an absolutely beautiful car. What's the story on this Imperial?
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    1. Justin Negrini
      Hi Rexer, The car was originally owned by a brain surgeon in NYC and he had this car in his Hampton's residence to use when he was there on holiday. The guy I bought it from bought it from him in 2012 as he was elderly and wasn't driving anymore. Then drove it back across the country back to California. It has 90,000 documented miles and is in a good solid 9 out of 10 condition. I love these cars and wanted one for ages....just had to find a good one. Justin
      Justin Negrini, Sep 15, 2020
    2. Rexer
      Justin, It sounds and looks like you found the right one. I have always admired the 65 & 66 Imperials. Good purchase!
      Rexer, Sep 28, 2020
    3. Henrius
      Those were the days! When a surgeon could afford a vacation home in the Hamptons complete with a top-notch second car! Medicare, PPOs, and HMOs sure don't pay enough to make that possible anymore!
      Henrius, Oct 16, 2020
  9. Bjorn1230
    Wow gorgeous vehicle, great photos!
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  10. rapidtrans
    Wow! Gorgeous car.
    Love the green on green combo.
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