1966 Imperial

My (formerly) Original, 45k mile 1966 Imperial Crown Convertible

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I love Imperials, especially convertibles. I bought this one (my 4th 1966 Imp convert, and the second of two exactly identical ones) about 6 years ago. It had been recently awakened from a 25 year slumber and then treated to the wrath of an angry soon-to-be-divorced woman who took a hammer to each panel, thus ruining an otherwise REALLY nice, original car. Everything on it works including the Auto Pilot and the AC (which just needed a bit of R12 to get cold again). I had it painted and re-chromed and now enjoy it on sunny days here in San Diego.
bills imperial.jpeg
new imp tail.JPG


Sorry about the duplication of photos-I don't know how that happened, or how to erase the duplicates
Man oh Man, she's a stunner. Sorry to hear about The damage. Glad you were able to get her straight again. Enjoy..

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