1966 Polara 500

  • I got this Polara 500 in Medford Oregon after seeing it posted by a member here. Had another member verify the condition of the car, and then had a friend nearby secure the car for me. Took my stepson on a roundabout journey to pick it up and will get it on the road within a few months. It needs a windshield, exhaust, wheels and tires, dual circut master cylinder, and some accessories on the engine. It's solid body wise, but has a brush paint job on it. The interior is complete, with an aftermarket Air conditioning unit conveniently placed in the center of the dash, with the front of the console hacked out for clearance. The door panels have speakers in them, and the driver's seat needs a trim pieces replaced. I have spares for all of these. I'll convert the ignition over to electronic, and might upgrade the headlights to a halogen replaceable bulb system. Go over the brakes, and get cruising. I want this car to be road ready to hop in and go 500-1000 miles away without worry. I'll get it going then save up for paint, the body's too good not to cover in something glossy. Funny that I finally got all the parts to make a 500 (not my intention, didn't realize the 500 was buckets and a console, which is all I wanted) and a few months later I go out and buy one! I saved money by getting this car, most of what it needs is the simple stuff, or parts I've accumulated, so it should go fairly smoothly.

    These pics are from the ad






    01515_4pE6Pi9LeXw_1200x900.jpg 00606_jRnade8sFaQ_1200x900.jpg


    Did I mention it has a rebuilt 383? That emblem will be gone real soon, as soon as the glue gets a little warmer...

    I picked up these 15"x6"Cragar G/T wheels that have been dustless blasted. Clean 'em up up and some flat clear and ready for tires!



    And here it is with the tires on.

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  1. Fury440
    Wow, that is a perfect project starting point! I personally love that particular roof line, it was love at first sight when I bought a 74 Fury 2drht. The console / AC interface doesn't look bad, hard to see anything wrong in the pictures. Can't wait until it's got new paint blocked and polished! :thumbsup::steering:
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    1. LocuMob
      I'm ditching the A/C, if it were hooked up I might have kept it, but I don't need it so I'll swap in a spare console. I have another red console that's damaged. I might try to cut out a section on the red one to replace what was cut out, and have another spare.
      LocuMob, Mar 25, 2018
  2. rapidtrans
    Nice looking ride. The Cragars look pretty good on that car.
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    1. LocuMob
      They do, but 3 unilug wheels-gotta go! I just got some wheels for it over the weekend.
      LocuMob, Mar 20, 2018
  3. MonacoBlue
    Those Cragar mags are perfect. Really like the condition of the car. A great driver as is, and you can take your time and enjoy it while wrenching. The wing vents are great for fresh air even on a hot day, even with no A/C... as long as you stay moving!

    Nice ride.
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    1. LocuMob
      My fleet doubled in size last year, and I didn't get this one out on the road this past year. Rough year, but next driving season is only six months away!
      LocuMob, Dec 9, 2019
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  4. The Goose
    Love it. Great score. I had a 65 convertible and I miss that car. What a great dash, those pods are really cool.
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  5. DocMcNeedy
    Scott...Will you be bringing it to Mopars in the Park?
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    1. LocuMob
      You betcha Doc! Hope to have it on the road a few weeks before the show.
      LocuMob, Mar 20, 2018
  6. Anthony Karbaj
    Nice!Can you tell me what the tires size combo is with the Cragers?
    1. LocuMob
      235/70 rear and 215/65 front on 15" rims.
      LocuMob, Mar 27, 2019
    2. Anthony Karbaj
      The chrome cragers? those look bigger than 215s/235s
      Anthony Karbaj, Mar 27, 2019
    3. LocuMob
      Missed this last post of yours. I'll see if I can get the sizes this weekend.
      LocuMob, Dec 9, 2019
  7. mag162