1966 VIP 'C' Body

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The factory B383 four barrel engine is in for overhaul. It is due back May 23, 2012. Ihad them pull the Crane cam with big lumps and put in a factory lookalike so it is a good freeway cruiser for the wife and I. We are tired of being crowded in the modern cars. This is the front end as the car was dropped in the yard off of the crusher truck. Sometimes it is good to be friends with working people.

June 26, 2012, the engine came back just before Memorial Day and was installed and started that weekend. All is well, really well! Went to the exhaust shop to have a crossover installed to mellow out the Flowmasters. Dismantled the factory VIP seat covers and sent them off to be duplicated in Charcoal vinyl. The car has had a small center console built by my nephew and myself and a Pioneer stereo system placed in it (no cuts to the dash). It will be trimmed out in brushed stainless and carpet when finished. And, the factory BLOWS COLD! Stripped the body trim and am doing the little chips and dings in preparation for paint in July. Upholstery will follow then a set of new BFG 225 70 14 on the American Mags.


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