1968 Chrysler 300 Fast Top

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  1. Richard Reau
    Hey Bjorn, are those wheels original, or Mopar? I really like them.
    1. Bjorn1230
      They are American Racing Ar61 - Outlaw Wheels 15x7. Had them on a '70 Charger in the past and I like the look. 225/70-15 tires which balances the size of the car nicely IMO, compared to the original 14's.
      Bjorn1230, Dec 3, 2020
    2. Bjorn1230
      Btw, your Newport looks pretty slick as well
      Bjorn1230, Dec 3, 2020
  2. Richard Reau
    Wow, that is a sharp car. "Fast Top" you say, I've never heard that expression. So is my '67 Newport a Fast Top?
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    1. Bjorn1230
      Thanks, Yes all 67-68 c-body's with the forward slanted c-pillar are officially called Fast Tops
      Bjorn1230, Dec 3, 2020
    2. Dan Wheeler
      The first two numbers on the VIN should tell the body style, I believe.
      Dan Wheeler, Dec 23, 2020
  3. 1968Chryslers
    Love it, nice touch on the wheels, very different. Beautiful color combo. All '68 2 door Chryslers are Fast tops, Newports, Newport Customs, 300's, and New Yorkers.
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  4. 68NewportDDD
    LOVE the shine you put on it...Gorgeous ride you got there.
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  5. Hubie
    You may want to consider some 2014 Mustang wheels like on mine. I picked up a set of 17" X 8" for less than $200.
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  6. Imperialist67
    VERY sharp - blue w/white top especially nice, especially on sunny days. Not normally a fan of non-stock wheels, but these seem to work fine to me, almost like the Road wheel that came a couple years later. Magnums are always nice, especially on a 300, and you could just as easily use 15" as you could 14"
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  7. carguy300
    That is Very nice! Body looks straight and solid. Head light doors are perfect! Magnum 500's would really set it right.
    1. Bjorn1230
      Thanks, I'm thinking by next Summer the Magnum 500's will be in place
      Bjorn1230, Sep 9, 2020
    2. carguy300
      When I bought mine it had cragars, didnt look right. 1968 you could get magnums as option, thats I went with.
      carguy300, Sep 9, 2020
    3. Bjorn1230
      Still debating if I should go with the original 14's vs 15's though. Since I have the 15's on now maybe I'll go with the stock 14 M500's to be completely original
      Bjorn1230, Sep 10, 2020
  8. Dan Wheeler
    I love your car, and I love fast tops. Is this really a fast top? I didn't think that was an option on this car. I'm probably wrong.
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    1. Bjorn1230
      As I understand it, the 2 doors with the forward slanted roof line was the Fast Top (1967 & 1968 Mopars). The other 2 door hardtops didn't have a specific name attached
      Bjorn1230, Sep 9, 2020
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  9. Rexer
    That's gorgeous!!
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  10. 440tnt
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