1968 Chrysler New Yorker

  • E04D68BE-9DCE-4D86-96AB-A5D378AA50B3.jpeg C184065D-B598-480C-B121-ADFF5BEC419F.jpeg 0F950FDA-A8AE-4A9F-8D70-526B93D335E2.jpeg 71843298-4F5B-41D0-89EA-9199034112CD.jpeg 71843298-4F5B-41D0-89EA-9199034112CD.jpeg C086999E-3AC6-42D8-A6F3-48D046DBDDA8.jpeg 71843298-4F5B-41D0-89EA-9199034112CD.jpeg 0F950FDA-A8AE-4A9F-8D70-526B93D335E2.jpeg C184065D-B598-480C-B121-ADFF5BEC419F.jpeg


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    Very nice, tell us the cars back-round and how you found the car. Can you post fender tag, many 4 door NYers I've seen have the HP engine.
  2. Jim Kolenovsky
    Nice looking car , but the rims don't fit the year. Looks like they should go on an A or B body.
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    1. Pops68NYR
      Original rims, hubcaps, and skirts are all in the trunk. Original tires were completely dry rotted.
      Pops68NYR, Nov 26, 2019
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    2. Jim Kolenovsky
      tires sound like what happens out here in the southwest. Are you going to put the originals back on the car? Does it have disc brakes or drum front brakes? If it has original 4 piston disc you will have to start looking for a four bolt lower ball joint. Reason I know is that I owned one for several years but was wrecked in 2003. Other wise you will have to get a complete spindle and stuff from a 1970 to 1973 Chrysler product.
      Jim Kolenovsky, Dec 18, 2019
  3. Davea Lux
    Nice Car.

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  4. 75LandYacht
    That’s a sweet clean Ol Girl.. White Walls Please.. lol
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  5. Pete Kaczmarski
    aah...open the door and let us smell the sweat smell of an collector car....are the skirts in the trunk????
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    1. Pops68NYR
      Skirts, rims, and hubcaps are all in the trunk. Had to take rims off another car in order to move. The original tires we’re toast.
      Pops68NYR, Nov 26, 2019