1968 Chrysler Town And Country

  • Bought in 2012 I believe. Came out of California. Has roll up windows, but "Electric" locks.

    the last two photos are pictures I found of the car online at a local car show it was at in the summer before we bought it.
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  1. GJS
    She's gorgeous!
  2. Henrius
    Used to see so many of these wagons in the junkyyard. Very few people wanted to restore them, and so many got crushed!

    Sure glad you are a wagon saver! There were huge cars, and usually got even worse gas mileage than the coupes and sedans.
    1. ma_mopar
      These are just my dad's. I've personally owned 5 other wagons. Not molars though. Still currently have one.
      ma_mopar, Sep 5, 2017
  3. 75LandYacht
    2 Wagon now!! Lucky you, jealous me. Lol
    1. ma_mopar
      One will maybe go away soon. Have a buyer lined up for it.
      ma_mopar, Sep 5, 2017
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