1968 Plymouth Fury Iii Convertible

  • Some glamor shots


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  1. Woody
    Very similar to the one I bought new in September 1968. Same colors but a 318 standard, no power anything. I sold it in 77 with 206,000 miles. Best new car I ever bought. I have a 383 white/black, and a318 moss green/black Fury III convertibles now. Still would love to own a yellow one. Keep me in mind if you want to sell.
  2. Navy1996
    Nice car for riding in Florida !
  3. rvandegrift
    Sweet ride!
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  4. Driver2
    A very stylish car..
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  5. Turboomni
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  6. rapidtrans
    Sweet! I love that color on a convert! Guess dad did too. We had two 65 converts that color with black top/interior.
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  7. detmatt
    Very nice!
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