1968 Plymouth Sport Fury

  • Bought this a few months back. Still needs some tlc but overall a nice cruiser.
    I might open a topic to post some updates now and then.
    It has 383 commando with the 727 trans.
    4 barrel runs on lpg because of dutch gas prices :D
    It's been in the Netherlands since 1990. I've had a few american classics but this is the by far the best driving car i have owned.
    Runs pretty good for a stock car, but i do want to upgrade it in the future.
    Any tips and info are welcome and thanx for having me.

    Greetings Tim.


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  1. Dan Wheeler
    Great looking car.
  2. Kram Edyorloh
    How does it go on if the vehicles are stood a long time?, this Ram ('97) i'm doing work on has both fuels and runs great, but yet a newer '04 my mate has run for 10years always has a fkn "rattle" at any speed, but yet has run ok for 10 years.
    I'm sure its something to do with the advance curve for the timing.
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    1. Furyous Dutchy
      I could not tell u, the plymouth is my daily so it never sits long. Only in the winter maybe a moth or so, never had any issues tho. Timing can do a lot for sure, as the optimal timing and advance curve are very different for gasoline and lpg. As for the rattle in your friends car, it could be a number of things depending on where the sound is coming from. Greetings!
      Furyous Dutchy, Jul 29, 2020
  3. Luke Pokrajac
    How well does it run on LP gas? I know that LP tends to burn a bit hotter than gasoline from what I've heard. It might be a bit tough on the exhaust valves.
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    1. Furyous Dutchy
      It runs pretty good. U have 2 set the timing right and run on lpg only for the best results (so no more carbarator) Still has a slight performace drop tho, i think about 5%. LPG is very common here in the netherlands on these old cars and they don't have much trouble with the valves, newer cars tend to do that tho. I think the newer types off gasoline here do way more damage to the engine.
      Furyous Dutchy, Jul 25, 2020
  4. Luke Pokrajac
    I'm curious as to the color red paint you used on the center sport fury bezel? It really matches your taillights well.
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    1. Furyous Dutchy
      I've been told it is a factory volvo color, i chose it because it was the closest match so thank you!
      Furyous Dutchy, Jul 25, 2020
    2. Luke Pokrajac
      You definitely picked the right shade of red.
      Luke Pokrajac, Jul 26, 2020
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    3. Furyous Dutchy
      Thanks man, i'm happy how it turned out. I love these tiny changes that improve the overal look. Next to do are the emblems. I'm not sure but i might do some red inside the letters, if it turns out ugly i'll just paint them black
      Furyous Dutchy, Jul 26, 2020
  5. Henrius
    A ride like this should get the attention of many a nubile Dutch lass!

    The only change I would make is go back go an OEM air cleaner. Dual snorkel if you can find one.
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    1. Furyous Dutchy
      Haha thanks Henrius, i've found my dutch lass. This is the first classic car she actually likes :D

      The engine is going to get some attention in the future, it does not look so fresh right now.

      I really like the mopar performance dress up kits, but they are hard to find here. The dual snorkel is almost impossible to find in the Netherlands
      Furyous Dutchy, Jul 25, 2020
  6. Luke Pokrajac
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    1. Furyous Dutchy
      Thanks Luke!
      Furyous Dutchy, Jul 11, 2020
  7. J-sons-64-300
    Man that’s a great looking car
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    1. Furyous Dutchy
      Thanks! I agree haha fell in love when it came up for sale
      Furyous Dutchy, Jul 9, 2020
  8. 67Monaco
    Bloody awesome!
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    1. Furyous Dutchy
      Thanks man!
      Furyous Dutchy, Jul 9, 2020
  9. Trailer Park
    What size tires did you put on it?
    1. Furyous Dutchy
      p235/60 r15 in the front and p295/50 r15 in the back
      Furyous Dutchy, Jul 9, 2020
  10. carguy300
    Very nice set up!
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    1. Furyous Dutchy
      Thank you sir!
      Furyous Dutchy, Jul 8, 2020