1969 Dodge Polara Convertible

  • My 69 Polara Convertible after it makeover.
    We decided to panel and paint the Dodge after a massive 7.1 earthquake damaged it on September 4th


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  1. tallhair
    thanks for the update brother.
  2. Topless69
    It's been along time since I last logged on. The lady that emailed a couple of years ago turned up here in Christchurch New Zealand and we met up, my car was her dads and it originally came from Garden City Kansas, which is quite funny because Christchurch where I live is know as the Garden City. I took her for a drive and she told me a few stories about the car and her Dad. Unfortunately she didn't have any old photos or stuff .
  3. tallhair
    That's a cool story Topless69

  4. Topless69
    Its a 383 Moparqet and Geoff a lady emailed me the other day to say she thinks my car was her dads,she is visiting New Zealand in February and would like to catch up and see the car and give some details on it,she said her dads car came here to New Zealand from Kansas and since mine is the only 69 convertible here im hoping she is right
  5. moparqet
    Very Nice !
    Is it a 318, 383 or 440 car ?
  6. Furyimp
    That is looking sharp.I tried to respond to that friend thing but could find where to go.I spoke to my pal in LA and he still has all the info on your car.It was from Ohio he thinks and he 's going to email it to me I'll forward it but I need your contact details. 9810875 furyimp