1970 Chrysler 300

  • This is one of my buddy's car I have done some work on.:the penguin:


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  1. SportFury70
    Great looking car. Love the color, white interior and wheel choice. I fully understand that everyone is different and everyone has different tastes in thing. There said, sorry, but I'm not a fan of the hood scoops. They remind me of being on an A-body. They look "out of place" on the C-body. I still love the car otherwise. As Mr. tallhair said, more pics please. Two thumbs up.:thumbsup:
  2. tallhair
    I love it and think the hoods scoops look great! More pics would be appreciated.

  3. magtop
    Hello.that is the car of my dreams. If you ever want to sell it or know any 70 chrysler for sale or trade pLease contact me. Tom at 724 833 7849' thank you again for putting the pics so we can enjoy them.