1970 Fury Iii

Work in progress.

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This is a 1970 Fury III. It originally started with a 383 in it and now has been converted to a 440. The drivetrain still needs to be updated, haven’t decided trans and gear sizes yet. The upholstery came out of a Grand Fury and needs to be redone as well. Always a work in progress.


Nice ride. Would like to see some engine and interior pics. Are the wheels Cragers?You say you got the seats from a Grand Fury? What year? I'm wanting to change my bench for electric 50/50 or some thing along those lines. It's just finding something.
Very nice!
My 70 Fury has a factory 440. That got me a HD 727 trans, 3:23 limited slip rear, HD springs, front disc brakes, front sway bar and HD T-bars. All of that came as part of the 440 package. I've since added rear disc brakes.
Pretty sure that your car is a 1970 Fury Gran Coupe mate, mainly evident due to the B-Pillars - the Gran Coupe model was based on the Fury I/Fury II 2-Door Sedan. The hidden grill from the Sport Fury and Sport Suburban was also added to the body as part of the Gran Coupe package.

The 383 was the standard engine for this model, introduced late in the 1970 model year.

1969-1973 Plymouth

Mopar Fuselage Styled Full Size Cars

Note too that the rear bumper on your car is from a 1971 Fury III.

Sharp looking car my friend, nice paint job.

Cheers, Aidan

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