1970 Hurst 300

  • Decided not to restore it and its going to Sweden.
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  1. SportFury70
    I love the idea of you not restoring the car. Like how it has tilt steering and cruise control. But, Why are you selling it? Those are very rare cars. Only a handful exist.:wtf:
    1. dh23t
      More of those cars exist than we think, just ask the other members. They come up for sale all the time. I had no indoor storage for the car, and it rains a lot in FL. So I decided to sell it, since it was not water tight and I didn't have time to work on it then. It was one of the most highly optioned Hurst that I have seen. I sill have the spare trunk lid that came with the car, as well as a MINT road wheel with hurst paint stripe on it
      dh23t, Mar 13, 2019
    2. SportFury70
      Oh, I understand now. Sorry about the wtf. I totally get it. Yeah an older car and staying outside don't "mix". They only made about 501 of them as far as I know. I bet you regret selling it. Assuming you are going to sell the trunk and steering wheel? I bet you can get some dollars for em.
      SportFury70, Mar 14, 2019
    3. dh23t
      I tried to sell the trunk lid on clist years ago, but had no luck. it is a wall ornament. The wheel is actually a wheel with tire. They were painted differently for the Hurst.
      dh23t, Mar 15, 2019
  2. crugone
    there are not to much hurst left in the US meanwhile.
  3. Husky
    @69' cbarge...yeah, strange but true...one would have thought at least the console would be "standard" in a limited production *sports* car like this..
  4. 69` c barge
    wow telescopic,and console , now thats rare for a 300 hust