1971 Dodge Polara Police Car

  • 1971 Dodge Polara Custom Ex-Washington State Patrol Pursuit Vehicle. Equipped with 440 "Magnum" ("E86") engine, heavy duty 727 TorqueFlite, ("D32"), and a 3.23:1, 8.75 inch differential. Vehicle has just over 110,000 miles believed to be original.

    Unit number D-188, when in service but its duty service with the WSP is not fully known. Given its build date, it appears to have entered service in calendar year 1971. It was retired in late 1974 and its ownership history after retirement is known.

    The vehicle retains its original, numbers-matching drivetrain (original engine, transmission, and rear-end were all rebuilt), major body panels, and "police-spec" features (big brakes, auxiliary fluid coolers, heavy duty suspension, body reinforcements, 140-mph speedo, etc) from the factory.

    During the engine rebuild, we dialed the CR up to a bit to 10.5:1 with new pistons but otherwise its the stock spec Magnum, rated at 370 horses and 480 ft-lbs of torque from the factory in 1971. It probably can do a bit better than that now.

    This Polara is finished with a restoration process aimed at preserving it for the ages. The spotlight, radios (minus trunk base unit), correct steering wheel, and the correct dual-snorkel air cleaner are back. I do not intend to add the lightbar or any permanent WSP badging.

    This vehicle is not for sale.

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  1. Navy1996
    awesome vehicle, too bad its not for sale, it would probably sell very fast!
  2. Aidan1976
    Beautiful car. And rare now too.
  3. shooter65
    Very nice cruiser. You're very fortunate.
  4. polarus
    Amazing car!, I have a 1972 Dodge Polara W.S.P. car, it has a single snorkel air cleaner with the trap door in back. Good luck with the resto.