1971 Imperial Lebaron

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  1. ma_mopar
    Not much to update. Both my dad and I have been working with little time to get to the car.

    Had to put in a new rotor in the distributor as the previous one got fried.
  2. DocMcNeedy
    Anything new with this project?
  3. ma_mopar
    Thanks for the encouraging comments.

    As of today 3/25/17 the gas tank was removed last week and was sent off to be cleaned and relined. Picked it up yesterday and soon it will be dropped off to be put back in.

    Car runs really good. Brakes work but you have to push hard to stop the car. Radio is just static. Car has some kind of electric draw on the battery. Only will start with a jump for some reason.

    Now that the weather is warming up some cleaning can begin.

    Don't know how long we'll keep this as there is no room for it and my father's other 6-7 cars he already has and plus one we still need brought down.

    I'm not on here much but I will try to keep everyone updated.
  4. MonacoBlue
    Clean. That interior looks good. Best of luck, keep posting pics! I had a 70 Newport 383 2bbl sedan, bright blue. Good memories.
  5. 75LandYacht
    Thanks for saving her. I'd been following the thread about her story. Congrats, she deserves to have the wind back in her hair.. lol. Good luck and keep us posted.
  6. shooter65
    You've got some work ahead of you but it doesn't seem overwhelming. Good luck and nice car.