1971 Plymouth Sport Fury Gt

  • This car was purchased in October of 2015 and arrived home in November. Parts collecting began in earnest and it wasn't until the second week of February 2016 before the work started. It needed a whole lot of work done having been in storage since 1993. The chassis rails were rusted out and needed replacing as well as some other rust work as well. The car has original paint and original interior. I have not replaced anything in this regard. The entire brake system was replaced. Also I rebuilt the engine with all new parts too. The transmission was freshened up with all new seals and fluid etc. The differential too had all new seals done as well as being painted. The bushes in the leaf springs were replaced after being derusted and painted. The rear shocks are new too. I also replaced the gas tank and sender with new units as well as all the fuel line and hoses. All new tires were put on as well after hunting up a set of road wheels.

    GT1.jpg GT2.jpg GT3.jpg GT4.jpg GT5.jpg GT6.jpg GT7.jpg GT8.jpg


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  1. Navy1996
    Wow what an awesome car, I like the body style and color and the interior is well done, are you selling this car?
  2. Ripinator
    Gary: Just for grins, I was looking at your SF GT garage pictures again. I'm awestruck every time I see your car.

    One thing: As I recall from some of the postings regarding this car, didn't the car need a new / replacement stub frame? If so, I was hoping to see some photos of how you did that work and also the rear frame repairs as well. I may hafta do the same repair on my "parts car" that I acquired back in September.
    1. Wollfen
      Yes, I walked out the whole sub frame and replaced it with another, I think the pics are listed in the rebuild pages. As for the rear chassis rails, I managed to unstitch the originals and weld in other ones from donor cars. Again, the pics are in the rebuild thread.
      Wollfen, Feb 13, 2017
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  3. Fury71
    Beautiful car.
    Did that cover on the rear bumper only come on sport fury GTs?
    I found one with that on it lying in a yard rusting out but no emblems etc on it.
    I noticed the cover and wondered what it was.
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    1. Wollfen
      Its a rubber bumperette surround and came on all Sport Furies, mine needs replacing sometime as it has rust bubbling up inside distorting the rubber.
      Wollfen, Dec 17, 2016
    2. Fury71
      Next time I am up in northern BC I will take another look at it. It's buried in trees and snow now but when it's accessible I will check it.
      Thanks for the reply
      Fury71, Dec 18, 2016
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  4. johnnymopar
    I bought the console and shifter from a triple black 70 Sport Fury GT "V" code back in about 81 that was lacking the motor or hood. Strangest thing was there was half an L-88 air cleaner in the car, it took me a couple of years to figure out what that was because I knew it was a Vette's. My brother stole it and probably got 20bucks.
  5. SFGT440
    Wow, I love it. And I'm sure it's worth a nice piece of change now.
    1 of 375, 45 years on... don't know how many are still existing but when you go to a Mopar meet you won't see one every time you turn around.
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  6. NCFury1963
    Good looking car. You have put in a lot of work and it's paid off.
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  7. Marv
    Stunning car, looks just perfect !!!
    Congrats and well done !!
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  8. Navy1996
    I like the way this car looks inside with the stick shift anf the body lines on the outside, nice job in restoration!!!!
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  9. Fury440
    Awesome job!!
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  10. 75LandYacht
    Absolutely beautiful.. Preserving as much of her original equipment was the perfect plan.. They're only original once.
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