1972 Fury Gran Coupe

  • Guy that has her now put on some moonies, lowered it, and painted it flat black. Ugh

    Rear was maxed up because pics were taken right before a drag meet.

    Really wish I didn't trade up, but looking for a 70-71 soon to ease the pain haha
    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
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  1. Navy1996
    I had a four door with center post 1972 Fury III gun stock metal gray, and my wife sold it due to bad health problems I wish it was still in my garage.
  2. Turboomni
    Sorry about that,,,the "Grass is always greener on the other side " Is a tough lesson to learn.
    Looks like it was a nice car.
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  3. grancoupe72
    For those that are interested in the history, my dad bought this from a widow in Indiana for 1100 back in 2000. Put a front end from a cop car in it after painting the frame and replacing the suspension. Interior was excellent, zero issues, black in all its gran coupe glory. We rebuilt the 360 .030 over with KB Pistons, aerohead racing heads, bigger cam, roller rockers, 750 edelbrock, and a weiand intake. 3.73 sure grip and air adjust shocks. Shift kit in the 727 with a 2800 stall. Was fast for a small block c body. I had the opportunity to trade for a real 66 gto roller that I put a 400 in back in 2010. Gorgeous car but it was a time suck with endless small issues. Could never get the damn thing to stop breaking motor mounts in the goat, and ended rewriting the whole damn car. I ended up selling that one in 2012. Last I heard of the fury it was in Texas somewhere. I regret getting rid of the fury, guess the paint was a special order of Richard petty blue. Miss it but will have another C body soon. And I won't get rid of that one; hindsight really is 20/20.
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