1975 New Yorker Brougham

  • This is my first C-body - Chrysler New Yorker Brougham with st. Regis package. Now living in Russia


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  1. MonacoBlue
    You now have a piece of western decadence for yourself. What Lenin warned about. Molodets! She's a beauty!

    Have you experience in Chrysler/ Mopar ownership? FYI. Most of them require you to tap the gas pedal a couple times when starting, hold the pedal down halfway after the second "foot tap"... if you did not know this trivia...it is needed especially in cold weather. Activates/sets the choke properly.

    Good luck/udachi-tebe. This is a good forum, with helpful people.
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    1. bvberserk
      Thank you for your kind words )
      I do have 02 Dodge Intrepid and 06 Chrysler TownCountry, though I don't need to tap gas pedal there ))
      bvberserk, Sep 16, 2021
  2. bvberserk
  3. bvberserk
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    1. MonacoBlue
      Does AM and FM radio work ok in Russia? I don't know, globally, how this works. If it is "standardized". I think "yes", for FM radio...what about AM? Thnx
      MonacoBlue, Nov 19, 2021
    2. bvberserk
      Haven't tried AM for years lol I'm not even sure if there are any stations left ) FM is kinda global so it works fine.
      bvberserk, Nov 21, 2021
    3. MonacoBlue
      AM is pretty dead here in the US too. People listen to sports games and political talk "chatter" (small, older audience).
      MonacoBlue, Nov 22, 2021