1975 Plymouth Gran Fury Brougham Coupe

1975 Plymouth Gran Fury Brougham Coupe

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This 1975 Plymouth Gran Fury Brougham, with just over 81,000 original miles when purchased, has the 400-2V engine, has had two owners (one was original purchaser, second was dealer to whom original owner sold it in 2018) before me.

It still has its original factory black paint (including pinstripes), factory interior, and retains all five (including the spare) road wheels. Everything now works.

When I replaced the tires, I did go with an aftermarket look (Torq Thrust II, 15x8, 4.0 in. bp, 235/70 tires) but have otherwise made, nor intend to make, no irrevocable modifications. I did of course retain the original road wheels.

I bought this Gran Fury in 2019 and did have it for sale once and may be again in the coming years (if so, it will be offered here on FCBO to members first).

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