1977 Chrysler Advertising

  • Not sure if anyone is interested ......
    In 2017 we headed to Reno (from New Zealand) where the Hot August Nights was held .... to my disappointment there weren't much in the way of 1977 Chrysler's cruising around!
    However at the swap meet i was Hopeful in my treasure hunting skills to find something
    ** Anything** on my car.[​IMG]
    I did managed to find a booklet Yay!
    So it would be rude not to share with like - minded people.
    Hope you enjoy
    Front page.jpg Page 2-3.jpg Page 4-5.jpg Page 6-7.jpg Page 8-9.jpg Page 10-11.jpg Back Page.jpg
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  1. mrfury68
    Thanks for posting. My dad bought a new Volare SW (ugh) in '77 and I remember being at the dealership (the one in my avatar) and looking at the New Yorker brochure and telling him he should consider the Town & Country instead. He didn't agree, unfortunately.
  2. 75LandYacht
    Thanks for sharing.. I have a 77 Yorker on the way. Should be here by Saturday, I see these brochures on eBay.. was wondering what they looked like inside as the seller doesn’t provide many pictures.. I think I’ll pick one up now. Thanks