1977 Plymouth Gran Fury Border Patrol Police Car

  • 1977 Plymouth Gran Fury Ex-United States Border Patrol Enforcement Vehicle, pursuit class. Equipped with 440-HP ("E86") engine, heavy duty 727 TorqueFlite, ("D36"), and a "Sure-Grip" 3.21:1, 9.25 inch differential. Vehicle has 124,000 miles believed to be original.

    This vehicle did its duty service in northern Washington State. It was retired in 1982. Its ownership history after retirement is known, but its full Border duty history unfortunately is not.

    These are the Border Patrol colors back then, Light Moss Green and Ivory. 1977 was the last year of the big, brusin' C-body Mopar squads (the B-bodies took over the large police offering in 1978) so this Gran Fury was among the last C-bodies the Border Patrol ever ordered. Note it was ordered without A/C.

    This Gran Fury has undergone restoration processes aimed at preserving it for the ages, but it retains its original, numbers-matching drivetrain, major body panels, and "police-spec" features (big brakes, auxiliary fluid coolers, heavy duty suspension, body reinforcements, 140-mph speedo, etc) from the factory.

    This vehicle is not for sale.


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  1. moonrunner1972
    This is a very clean car. The simplicity is gorgeous! I have never seen one of these without a/c. I couldn't imagine using this to patrol our southern border.
  2. LocuMob
    I love that the border patrol car is parked next to a fence! How fitting.
  3. 1978 NYB
    Another beauty!