1977 Town And Country

  • 1977 Town and County. We are only the 2nd owners. The original owner, Dr. Olin Parker was a Music Therapy professor at the University of Georgia. When he passed away last year, his family entrusted the car to our care. Dr. Parker kept meticulous records, including the Christmas Card he received from the salesman the year of the sale! It's in good driving condition now that the TorqueFlite was rebuilt. We will be slowly fixing up cosmetic challenges as time and $ allow. It's a blast to drive and it just puts a smile on people's faces both young and old. IMG_2172.JPG IMG_2700.jpeg
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  1. CaptainsV8log
    I had the twin to this
  2. 3175375
    Nice! Reminds me of the 73 Mercury Colony Park 10 passenger that my parents had, 460, 4bbl, 10 mpg no matter how you drove it... Barcalounger type front seats.
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  3. Jim Kolenovsky
    Good luck on the old girl. Get the family involved in her up keep.
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  4. 75LandYacht
    I love stories like that.. Glad you're willing to take on the challenge and care for that old girl.. Best of luck and keep us posted. With plenty of pics as you go along please..
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  5. C-440-300
    Was that ship a 9-passenger? :)
    1. Sugi
      Yes, it is! With an ashtray for the 3rd seat even!
      Sugi, Apr 29, 2020
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  6. PH27L7
    Nice, definitely fills a parking space!:lol:
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    1. Sugi
      The carport shot is "as found" the tailgate has the most weather damage as the wagon simply would not fit all the way under the roof!
      Sugi, Apr 29, 2020
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