1978 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham

  • My 1978 NYB has a 400, Auto Leveling Suspension, originally equipped with an AM/FM/CB radio. The car was originally from York, PA and sat outside for 30 years. I love this NYB and it's my daily driver. Manual A/C, Lean Burn has been converted, Eddie intake and carb. Dual exhaust with Flowmaster 40's. The CB radio was not reparable and the original power antenna was long gone. I have an aftermarket radio and speakers and I run my IPOD through it via remote control. This NYB is a one of none with a blue leather wrapped steering wheel. I found a steering wheel from a 1977 Charger that a tree fell on and put it on a lathe and cut about a half inch of the hub and it works great on my T&T steering column. Nothing electrical worked when I bought the NYB. Had to repair and fix every electrical motor in the car. The A/C didn't work and I had to rebuild the A/C system/components inside the car and under the hood. The interior was completely destroyed and I found the interior from a great FCBO'er friend in Indiana. The seats, dash pad and door panels came out of a 1977 NYB. All of the exterior chrome was severely pitted and I bought the bumpers, mirrors, and all the chrome from a junk yard in New Mexico and had it shipped to Maryland. I added the road wheels.









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  1. glassman
    I am a fan of the big Land Cruisers. It looks like it's ready for a cross country trip. Nice job on repurpose . Looks like it just came out of show room.
  2. 70_NPORT
    Nice pics Bob. I've never seen your car in a shop area before.
  3. Dobalovr
    That Steering Wheel reminds me of my Cordoba...loved that car! Great Formal and a daily driver well done!
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  4. 75LandYacht
    BRAVO!!! I love to see the Ol classic's kept alive. Beautiful work.
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  5. RemCharger
    Thats a lot of love and labor! Enjoy it!
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  6. crossmi
    If she could talk, she would thank you...Nicely done.
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  7. joetrucker
    Very sharp color combo...you lucked out at finding perfect donor parts
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  8. detmatt
    One fine formal!
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  9. shooter65
    Nice car, all your hard work paid off. It really looks nice.
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