66’ Fury 3

  • My Fury currently has a 318 with a four barrel Edelbrock carb and a 727 tranny.
    It’s sitting on 15” rims with air suspension in the rear and gas adjust shocks upfront.
    It does have a complete sound system (completely hidden of course lol) and a few other things. It is a work in process and I am slowly getting it where I want it!
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  1. Turboomni
    What a gorgeous car and a 4 door to boot!! Congrats!:thumbsup:
  2. Pappy
  3. 440sportfury
    Good looking clean car. Best of luck
  4. Fury440
    Very nicely done!
  5. mrfury68
    Awesome looking 4 door sedan.
  6. Jack-Stand
    What a pretty machine. You said it's a work in progress, what've you got planned for it?