67 Blue Imperial Crown Coupe - Mobile Director Package

  • I bought this Aegean Blue Imperial from a nice guy in Oregon. He offered it on eBay and I drove up to check it out. The car drove really well, looked good and doesn't seem to need a lot of work. (Famous last words.) My idea is to fix the major things, like AC and brakes; not to restore, but leave it original to be used as a local car show cruiser. Blue Imperial.jpg Blue Imperial 2.jpg Blue Imperial.jpg Blue Imperial.jpg Blue Imperial 2.jpg Blue Imperial 4.jpg
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  1. Sammy
    Very nice
    Very original
  2. david hill
    Sweet and clean. A very good first choice and excellent cruiser. What a head turner.
  3. 65FuryPaceCar
    Beautiful! I love the Imperial back-side.
  4. Fratzog
    Very nice. We share the same old car philosophy. Nice driver condition is more than enough to enjoy the vehicle.
  5. Fury440
    Very nice, love the color!
  6. imon_2nd
    Thanks, guys! I appreciate your positive comments.

  7. rapidtrans
    Beautiful car. Love that color. Is that the one-year-only blue that was also offered on the new Barracuda?
    1. imon_2nd
      I don't know.
      imon_2nd, Aug 25, 2016
  8. live4theking
    Sweet looking Imp you've got there. Enjoy!
  9. detmatt
    Jaw dropping stunner!
  10. 75LandYacht
    Beautiful car my friend.. Your doing the right thing.. Fix what's needed to keep her on the road. They're only original once! And from what I see in the pics, she'll be just find for the next 40 yrs. lol