'67 Fury Iii

  • The Blue Moose:
    383/727 with AC
    Also known as the most bad-ass sedan cruising Dallas streets!
    P.S. This is my second upload of this, and I cannot change the title to say "Fury III". When it uploads, it shows as "Fury Iii".


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  1. 65SportFuryGuy
    Good Looking Car.
  2. wcrise
    Nice! What rims and tire size are those?
    1. The Horvaths
      The car is not with me, so I don't know the exact tire size. They are 215-somethings. The wheels are American Racing Torque Thrust 2's.
      The Horvaths, Feb 3, 2016
  3. shooter65
    Nice car, thanks for posting.
  4. 65fury
  5. Joe Sportone
    Nice job. Looks great.
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