69 Fury Iii

  • I sold her and finally got her back. Her name is Lola. I was very sad when I had to sell her, but sometimes you have to do whatever it takes to take care of your family when times are tough. Once i was able to get back on my two feet again, I saved up some money and started searching for her to try and buy her back. Unfortunately i didn't have any luck tracking her down. After 3 years of searching everyday and not giving up i finally found Lola, I was able to buy her back for only a thousand dollars. The only bad thing is that shes was not taken care of very well as you can see from the pictures. all of the interior was gone completely except for the dash. including all the chrome trim and window moldings. And they also ruined the paint by a spray can primer job. I will be uploading more pictures as i find parts and updates on her. thank you for taking the time to check out Lola.
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  1. PH29Fury
    Lot a work there ...but will be worth it!! glad you found her!!!
  2. Turboomni
    You were a very bad boy to her . I hope you have learned your lesson and congrats.
  3. oliver
    I enjoy stories like this. Congratulations on finding her and getting her back! Have fun putting her back in shape.
    1. Dakota Mahan
      thank you!
      Dakota Mahan, Feb 1, 2018
  4. 75LandYacht
    Good man.. I’m sure she’s in better hands now. Keep us posted as you progress.
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    1. Dakota Mahan
      Thanks, Hopefully the weather will clear up soon im about tired of the snow. ill upload some more pictures when i can.
      Dakota Mahan, Jan 18, 2018