70 Fury Convertible



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  1. MN72Fury
    It is beautiful.
  2. SportFury70
    Hello from another 70 Fury owner. Nice ride you got there. Have I seen you at Carlisle before? A buddy of mine also has a 70 Fury III convertible. His was originally green and a three-on-the-tree. Fyi not that it's a big deal but, you might want to capitalize the 2 II in three. Also convertible is spelt wrong. I'm not bustin' on you or trying to be mean but I'm "knit picky" about that stuff.
  3. BuckeyeBarracuda
    Very Nice. Have a real love for old green Mopars (probably since I had so many back in the day). Enjoy......
  4. Davea Lux
    Nice looking car.