`73 Chrysler Town & Country In The Uk .

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  1. Henrius
    Was it weird getting used to a left-hand drive car over there when you first got it?
  2. Fast Eddie B
    I’ve been there a few times. Wish i saw one of those when i was there. Awesome.
  3. Rexer
    That's a beautiful wagon. It looks like new. I love it. Is it a survivor or a restored car?
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    1. v8brit
      Hi, its a survivor...With Just 80,000 miles, sadly not perfect paint ,but its only original once....8=)
      v8brit, Sep 27, 2020
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    2. Rexer
      It doesn't have to be perfect. I agree, it's only original once. What do the folks over there think of your full size ride?
      Rexer, Sep 28, 2020