Abandoned In Garage



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  1. BigBen
    Very nice
  2. 1966300sleeper
    Superb car!! Is it that unfeasably dark blue that looks black? Until you catch it the right light! Anyhow hope you enjoy it! Well done fellas!!!!
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  3. jhp5
    That is what I call an easy restoration, body wise at least. Just a pressure wash! It's just like my '72 Newport which does not seem to age. Thank you for putting on the white walls, they were made for old Chrysler's. I imagine it needed suspension parts but what a cool looking wagon. And a fantastic color, really suits it.
  4. bonniebairn
    What a great find! 413 or 440 under the hood?
    1. Diego1975
      Hi, originally 383, but he broke up and got lost, now he has a 250 chevrolet 6 inline with powerglide, he will soon have his 383 again.
      Diego1975, Jul 20, 2019
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    2. SportFury70
      As long as that Chevy engine gets out of the engine bay I'm happy.
      SportFury70, Aug 3, 2019
  5. MonacoBlue
    Executive class!
  6. Henrius
    Such a great thing you did resurrecting that behemouth. Station wagons are unjustly forgotten. What a lot of sheet metal they were! I remembering enountering so many in junkyards, rusting away. Glad someone garaged this one!
  7. mrfury68
    Great photos showing the progress made. That is one sweet wagon I would be proud to be seen sporting around town in. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Marv
    holy crap, thought it was Brown but appeares to be black after pressure wash !! what a cool car, congratulations !!
  9. Imperialist67
    I enjoyed these photos more than any I have seen in years. Fantastic find, and great to watch it "emerge" from under the dirt. Hopefully it has found a loving new home.... Good luck with it.
    1. Diego1975
      Thank you very much, almost 30 years asleep in that barn, it is already working, it is costing me a lot to get parts, it is the only unit that existed in my country, there is only a 300 1965, in a junkyard, but it is not salvage parts for it , what I need I am acquiring it on eBay and some other site, I am very happy with it, and it is giving it a lot of affection.
      Diego1975, Jun 20, 2019
    2. Imperialist67
      Those wheelcovers are usually on cars with disc brakes, which were a new option in '66, and other than Imperials, were only "stock" for T&C wagons. If you have disc brakes, they DO function better, but finding parts will be an adventure. THe original Budd rotors and discs are difficult to find, but the people who have them are on this list. Be sure to put up an announcement if you need them.
      Imperialist67, Jul 1, 2019
  10. Barry S
    Wow!!! What an awesome find!!!