Angry B In Orlando Fl

  • Progress is being made. the following transformations have been done.
    • Correct seats, sourced, cleaned up and installed
    • Fuel Delivery System, updated
    • AC converted and working
    • Brake System rebuilt
    • All exterior lights and signals now working
    • Newer hood sourced and purchased not yet painted and installed.


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  1. Imperialist67
    Town Sedans aren't very common- nice to see one getting some love........
  2. 68Nwprt
    I like it.
  3. NewYorkerowner
    6 Window Town Sedan! Nice to see you are bringing it back.
  4. DJ G3KKO
    Nice 65 Towny ..... I had a blue one when I lived in O-town back in the 90s...... had a flat red hood from a donor. Ended up selling it to a young guy, who blew the engine in less than 2 months .... :( Finally have another, very similar interior colors, different seat stitching .......
  5. Uncle Salty
    love seeing hands on car guys, not throw money at someone else to do all the work. nice ride!
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  6. shooter65
    Very cool. Good to see the progress.
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