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    Suspension: Bagged and slammed. Custom triangulated rear 4 link with 1-1/4" RuffStuff heim joints. Front is a conglomeration of crown vic and stock components. All 4 corners stand with Bilstein monotubes.
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  1. Andrew
    Damn this thing is killer! Great work. What parts of the suspension is crown Vic? Lower control arms, spindles, and brakes?
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    1. Jack-Stand
      Thanks man... the front suspension is CV lower control arms, knuckles/hubs, brakes and steering rack... the upper control arms are stock. The rack connections were a custom build that I did with Ruffstuff heims, and I threaded one side to match the rack, with LH threads for the heims. The sway bar
      and arms were made by some friends of mine out in Cali, an the links were RH and LH direct for Ruffstuff heims. The motor mounts, the bag mounts, sway bar mounts and the rack mount are all my fab.
      Jack-Stand, Nov 19, 2018
  2. rags
    awesome work. and car looks great slammed. being a dad and helping mom? more awesome! beats the bejezus out of doing car work.
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  3. Jack-Stand
    Thank you much! It's coming along, although it's much slower. We now have our beautiful little girl, so my time is more spent on helping Mom. Good news is that our little one is 18 months, and she's already a Mopar nut. :thumbsup:

    Unfortunately I can't upload all of my build pictures, so I primarily focused on the finished products, with a few snippets of the fab. I would've liked to have included more on the rear unibody-fortifications and also the torsion-aire frame extension/fortification, but nope. I'm planning on a 500+ cu big block in it, so that's the reason for all of the frame/body stiffening.
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  4. GJS
    OK. That's the last time I complain about not having enough time to rebuild my steering. That's impressive, man.
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  5. Fury440
    All I can say is "WOW"!!!
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