Autumnal Suburban Slab Splendor

  • Some autumn photos with my New Yorker, taken at our house in NoVa before heading to Gettysburg for the AACA "special Fall Nationals. SterlingLeftSide.jpg SterlingRightSide.jpg SterlingRIghtSideMark.jpg "
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  1. tallhair
    Nice car!
  2. mrfury68
    Great looking New Yorker!
  3. Joe Stent
    Nice car Imp, beautiful photos.
  4. Imperialist67
    here are a few more photos, including an action shot (on a fall cruise with ayilar) and full shot of the elusive C-body driver's side power vent "duo" switch...….. InkedSpring2019front_LI.jpg


    1. CBodyIndecisionViolettte's Lock.jpg
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  5. Imperialist67


    1. NameBadge.JPG
    2. GrilleBadge.JPG
    3. InteriorWHEELDriverSide.png
    4. ThreeQuarterREARrightOUTDOOR.png
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  6. 75LandYacht
    That's a nice Grocery Getter.. Clean original. More pics of the rest of her please.