"barbara" .... '70 Wagon

  • 1970 Fury Custom Suburban - "Barbara" was imported from US to the UK in November 2015.
    Jobs done so far.... A thorough deep clean - New Dual Exhaust - New Red Bands on New Black Steels (7J on font, 8J on rear) - New carpet set - Engine bay & Motor tidy up.... always more to do....
    Plan to keep the original patina (she's earned it !)
    Always looking for spares - please let me know what you have ! 00c0c_2ML6DPi5ePQ_600x450.jpg IMG_1710.JPG IMG_1047.JPG
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  1. e-440
    That is a fine machine!
  2. 75LandYacht
    Gorgeous.. Thank you for saving her and giving her purpose for many years to come.
    1. StridgeUK
      Thanks !! ....if only I could save some more
      StridgeUK, Jul 25, 2016