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  • F04199CE-41E3-4437-BAF3-1E15AC5FE377.jpeg E1A3E7D1-0930-496A-BEC0-FBD03173E770.jpeg DF74863E-3466-4094-BF1C-2F2300DAEE5D.jpeg I first saw this car on Craigslist in Hartford CT about 3 years ago. The front end was damaged (bumper, grill/support and hood). Coincidently our neighbor had a parts car...the same model/year ... Monaco sitting in her back yard (sinking into the ground for 20 years) with a good front end.

    Went to check the CL Monaco, in a real sketchy part of Hartford, and was impressed with the low mileage (32,000) and immaculate condition of the body and interior...Always garaged and had been undercoated. Unfortunately, the guy couldn't produced ANY paperwork and my "spidey sense" went on high alert... so I told him "thanks but no thanks". I was really bummed, but didn't want to be buying a stolen car. No title requirements on older cars in Connecticut so anyone could theoretically sell some old person’s car without them knowing it. So flash-forward 3 years later, he calls and tells me he found all the paperwork and really needs to sell asap. Wow! price was right, paperwork all lined up, so I Jumped on it.

    The major mechanical problem was the brake system. Towed it to my mechanic and he and I worked together to replace the entire system. That's when I really relied on help and suggestions from this site, FCBO (I had never dealt with a bad vacuum booster before) Usually I would have done the work myself at my house, but it was the middle of winter and too cold with no lift/garage...was also scheduled to have hernia surgery. I ain't got time for that sh*t anymore unless it's an emergency! In addition to the bumper/grill and support swap, We also had to replace the heater core, water pump, alternator, idler arm, fuel filters, balance tires and alignment. The radio even works! I added a vintage FM converter that my brother gave me, and put it in the glove box.

    She runs so sweet now and polished up lovely! Pictures are kind of out of order. Don’t know how to fix pic order... will work on it later.


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  1. NewYorkerowner
    Nice, did you ever get a new grille?
    1. BigCah
      yes! installed a few months back
      BigCah, Jul 9, 2020
  2. coco
    Fabulous rear end on these, just pulled out of buying one as it was a sedan rather than the Hardtop. Great job !
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  3. Imperialist67
    REALLY nice in white w/black hardtop - kudos for saving it. Definitely one of the best C-body rear ends......… 4-doors seem to be rare for these.
    1. BigCah
      BigCah, May 18, 2020
  4. C-440-300
    Hello, Big Cah,
    'Gottsta' to know if you using white bulbs, or red for those beautiful eyes in the back? LEDs or incandescents?
    Thanks! :thankyou:
    1. BigCah
      those are just the normal factory type parking lights. They really light up with the brakes on! car was garaged so the taillights are like new
      BigCah, May 16, 2020
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  5. C-440-300
    Good job on the facelift and keeping her on the road! Amazing red brake lighting . :):thumbsup:
    1. BigCah
      thank you, the seller was ready to let her go to the crusher...would have been a sin
      BigCah, May 16, 2020
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  6. Luke Pokrajac