Dodge Monaco 500 Convertible 1969

  • This is one of two of this model in Sweden. Only one with 383 Four-Barrel.
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  1. Rock Rane
    Looks Great Big Musle Car..:thumbsup:
  2. MonacoBlue
    That is a beautiful car. I like that color a lot. Are old, big American cars popular as collectors items all over Sweden, or are they more common in one particular part of the country, for example, in Stockholm?
    1. 69monaco
      They told me that about 5000-6000 American cars (new and old) are shipped every year to Sweden...……..don,t know if that,s true……….?!
      69monaco, Jan 26, 2020
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    2. MonacoBlue
      I was in Stockholm @2003, remember seeing a 59 El Camino by the water there, and being surprised to see it. Also a LOT of beautiful restored and well maintained vintage wood-hulled Chris-Craft small boats on the inlet waterways.
      MonacoBlue, Jan 26, 2020
  3. C-440-300
    One lucky son! Love the color. Were you *once* a Cadillac dude? Post more pics when you have time. :thumbsup:
  4. Henrius
    Incredible that our big American cars are so popular in your country! From what I see you have the prettiest car at the show.
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  5. Luke Pokrajac
    Very Nice!!!
  6. 69monaco
    Very nice!!!
    But the wheels…………………….:confused: