Father's Day Photoshoot With "lee" 2019

  • I'm overdue for this part of the forum section for this particular Imperial. But, many have seen a lot of Lee who I had the pleasure of obtaining from John @LeBaron1973 recently and do put her on the road and photograph her often enough. I love her very much and hope to be a good caretaker for many, many years ahead.
    Thankfully, she is one of the ____ Imperials that the wifey knows of and approves because she got a recent ride in Lee and raves about the experience. I'll have to try that "meet and greet" with any future or present Imperials in the growing San Quentin facility family.

    *Think I'm due for a video, too.:lol:

    20190616_093305 (2).jpg 20190616_091738 (2).jpg 20190616_091732 (2).jpg 20190616_091723 (2).jpg 20190616_091640 (1).jpg 20190616_091715.jpg 20190616_091658.jpg 20190616_091704.jpg 20190616_091647.jpg 20190616_091643 (1).jpg
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  1. mr. fix it
    Now this is a lot of white!:thumbsup:
    1. DocMcNeedy
      Good thing I don't drive it in the snow.
      DocMcNeedy, Jul 8, 2019
  2. SportFury70
    Thank you for sharing. Happy Belated Father's Day. Beautiful car you have there. Love the color combo. A friend of mine, (a b-body guy) used to have one of these but in a different color. Had the TNT 440. Think it had A/C too.:thumbsup:
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    1. DocMcNeedy
      Thanks. No human kids. Just the furry and fusey kind.
      DocMcNeedy, Jun 17, 2019
  3. LeBaron1973
    Just what I hoped you'd do, take her the next step and perfect her, lovely. BTW did you reinstall that trim piece we had on the package tray, I recall someone stating it was for the hood???
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    1. DocMcNeedy
      Not yet, I'm looking for the correct screws.
      DocMcNeedy, Jun 16, 2019
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  4. GBsPanhead
  5. Diego1975