Fk3 Sport Fury

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  1. Turboomni
    Man all these great cars ,,congrats to you.:thumbsup:
  2. BuckeyeBarracuda
    Looks very much like the 70 Sport Fury that I had in Ohio back in early-to-mid 70's (traded a 65 Barracuda for it). Burnt Orange exterior and interior, bucket seats w/console, 383 and formal vinyl roof. Love to find that car again.......
    1. FK3 Sport Fury
      That's cool knowing there's a virtual twin hopefully still out there.This one has buckets but is column auto with tilt and rim blow wheel.
      FK3 Sport Fury, Oct 26, 2019
  3. Gerhard
    The car is in GORGEOUS condition !!
  4. MN72Fury
    Really like the color combination