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  1. SportFury70
    Love the Fury! So cool to see it on the drag-strip. Love the Charger too. Great wheel combo on both. Have any more info on them. I'd like to hear their stories.
  2. fury73
    Nice car I miss my 73 2 door fury.next 2 door c body I get will stay with me....nothing like the ride of a big c!
  3. The man with the cool car
    Force fed and with AC too... What a beauty. How does she like boost? Any mileage improvements?
    1. furious70
      Big cars love boost! Turbo engines can make better mpg than an NA engine at the same power level but my MPG is worse with turbos than it was just efi, and when I was carbed actually
      furious70, Oct 17, 2018
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  4. AF.
    When'd you get a Roadrunner??
    1. furious70
      It was dad's, but I've always liked that body style. In high school I had a 71 Sat for awhile that had a 383 with a 6bbl on it.
      furious70, Oct 13, 2018
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  5. blue88
    Nice looking rides and craftsmanship.
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  6. The Goose
    Wow what's that hoss run in the quarter.
    1. furious70
      have not run it with boost. Back in the early days with just a 383, holley, intake, headers, 3.91's it ran 14.18.
      furious70, Sep 12, 2018
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  7. Fury440
    Love the Fury under hood shot, amazing how much "stuff" you managed to shoe horn under that hood! Beautiful work!
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