Gabe's $750 '68 Polara 383 Sleeper Project.

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    Sept, 9th 2018

    So, I've been eyeing this car for 13 years and talked to the owner a couple times about selling it over that time but always thought he'd want too much for it. Well in June I saw him at a car show and he told me he'd sell it to me for $1500.00. I told him I wanted it but a few weeks went by. In the meantime I found it might be worth around $4K...

    He called me and told me someone else was interested and said they were thinking like $3500 for it but he told them he gave me first pick and had to call me first. I asked him if the $1500 was still good and he told me it was. I told him I'd take it but asked if I could give him $500 payments over a month which he said was no problem. When I went to give him the first payment he told me he had a new deal for me and that he had gotten some good deals in his life and wanted to pass one on to me. He told me the new price was $750.00... I had to ask him several times if he was serious which he was. I was very grateful and happy with the deal.

    The car is a 1968 Dodge Polara with a 383 Big block 2 barrel V8. It was non-opped in 2002 but he started it up and ran it a couple times a year. It was his dad's car before he passed away. The A/C even worked until a year ago. He also had the original manual and paperwork with it!

    It needs a few things but today it started right up, and idled and ran great! Needless to say I'm stoked to save this 50 year old car and put it back on the street!

    And yes, I do have plans for disc brakes, slightly raking the rear, bigger tires, and a build of about 600HP for the 383 when cash allows...


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  1. SportFury70
    Gabe7g, Great story. Take it you'll stroke the motor? If you have more pics, please share. My step-dad has a 67 Fury II 2 door post with a 440 stroker motor. Won't disclose what it's stroked to. Sorry.
  2. Gabe7g
    Btw I'd search for an answer first before just asking but, this board loads very slow for me... How do I share more photos from my tablet without using a url hosting site?
  3. Gabe7g
    Thanks for all the positive comments everyone. I've been working on it little by little as time allows. So far ive replaced tthe fuel pump, one rear wheel cylinder have the gas tank out. I also got the old headliner and carpet ripped out. I'm going to make it a reliable driver first and foremost and then do a few things here and there.
  4. 65Polara
    Cool story! Working on a '65 currently. The engine has been a big part of my focus, with addressing items like brakes and such as I go. About 95% complete with the engine build, and expecting a little over 500hp myself. Justified it because its been in the family, so I don't expect i'll be letting it go.
    Excited to follow your progress!
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  5. fury73
    Would like to see more pics. But wow a running classic for $750...what a cool fellow mopar brother that sold it to you .show your appreciation by keeping it on the road and sharing your progress.
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  6. mrfury68
    Very nice car and a very nice gentleman who decided to "pay it forward" the good deals he received through the years. He obviously saw your interest in it and thought you would be the best one to sell it to. Have fun with your new ride and keep us posted on anything you do to it.
  7. BigBen
    Thats an Awesome deal and I understand the desire to hot rod it up..I did it with my 68 Polara, But mine was more scrap metal than car when I started.

    Yours seems really nice like others have suggested you might just want to drive it for a while ..let it talk to you so to speak.

    Because once you open the pandoras box of high H.P engine mods you need Brakes Suspension trans and driveline mods to match ..believe me I did it my Polara took two years to Mod all the systems and Im upside down investment to value...dont get me wrong I love my car and not trying to flip it.

    Just keep in mind the most expensive cars to modify are mopars and the most expensive Mopars to modify are C-bodys because almost no one repops speed parts for them.

    Hope I was helpful
    Beautiful Car..have fun
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    1. Gabe7g
      Thanks for your advice, im going to take it slow and enjoy it close to stock for a while for sure, none of the plans are set in stone.
      Gabe7g, Jan 15, 2019
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  8. GearC7
    Very cool
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  9. MnRN
    That is a great deal! Enjoy her!
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  10. Imperialist67
    Your patience has paid off in spades, nice Polara, and it has all the options you REALLY need, which are the larger motor, and factory AC. Before making plans for changes, etc., spend a little time driving/bonding with it. Congrats!
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